Paint in France

I love to paint even though I seldom do it :(.
I might feel like painting more often if my surrounding encouraged it. So why not paint in a beautiful place like France? Why not paint a village or typical French market or just the hills?

To soak up French Life click here and enjoy taking some painting classes in beautiful France.

Keeping Cool by CAROLINE JAMES


About Me

As I click away on French inspired blogs I find myself being interested in learning who the authors are.  I noticed that on my own “About” section I don’t have much written.  I didn’t think it really mattered.  Who wants to read about me?  But as I come across more and more blogs I would like to know a little something about the authors, a little morsel.

So my “About” goes something like this… I’m a born and raised New Yorker that knows the complexities of the MTA system (the bus and train system) and the ever-changing corner store that never quite makes it more than a couple of years at its location, except of course the neighborhood, GAP store.  Which I still detest!

Now I live in a faraway place called, New Jersey, but I still commute to NYC for work so I still consider myself a New Yorker (no offense to NJ).

I’m not French, which my sister repeatedly reminds me. But I’ve stumbled upon my own crazed French obsessed adventure. Which I love! Ultimately, just like my writing, reading, painting, cooking, etc, I love doing it good or bad it doesn’t matter. What matters is the joy I feel doing it!

Enjoy the blog