Marie Antoinette’s Fragrance

Perfumer Lubin has recreated Marie Antoinette’s fragrance of preference, according to Vogue. A blend of rose, jasmine and bergamot, the scent was created by Jean-Louis Fargeon, “originally conceived as an ode to her beloved Trianon gardens at Versailles.” The fragrance, called Black Jade, is being sold for $130 at New York’s Aedes de Venustas and online at

I’ll have to find out where this place is so I can get a whiff 😉

Correction, its cost is now $160!



Charming Paris Movie

This weekend I went to see the movie, Midnight in Paris, and I know it’s received mixed reviews but I along with The New York Times believe it was  “Marvelously Romantic”.  The movie was like a romantic history lesson that left me wanting more.  Woody Allen is wonderful in his New York City films and it’s nice to see he can do just as good and original in Barcelona, Paris and I’m sure he’ll bring it to Rome, where its said he’s working on his next film.

Watch it you’ll enjoy it too 🙂
I did miss the first 15mins of the movie 😦

French and Asian Baking

The other day I went into  a place called Paris Baguette and was very excited to go in and get some yummy pastries and bread. I went in and there wasn’t ever one macaroon 😦
The store has stuff that looks very Asian inspired. On their website it says that they infuse French and Asian baking elements but I really didn’t see what was French about it 😦
Whatever I did eat was good but I could easily find what I ate in Chinatown.