Reading about Paris

I’m back again!  Even though I haven’t written it doesn’t mean that my French obsession has seized.  I just started to read, Paris My Sweet, by Amy Thomas. She also has a blog called, God, I Love Paris.  What French inspired book are you reading? Or have enjoyed reading?  



About Me

As I click away on French inspired blogs I find myself being interested in learning who the authors are.  I noticed that on my own “About” section I don’t have much written.  I didn’t think it really mattered.  Who wants to read about me?  But as I come across more and more blogs I would like to know a little something about the authors, a little morsel.

So my “About” goes something like this… I’m a born and raised New Yorker that knows the complexities of the MTA system (the bus and train system) and the ever-changing corner store that never quite makes it more than a couple of years at its location, except of course the neighborhood, GAP store.  Which I still detest!

Now I live in a faraway place called, New Jersey, but I still commute to NYC for work so I still consider myself a New Yorker (no offense to NJ).

I’m not French, which my sister repeatedly reminds me. But I’ve stumbled upon my own crazed French obsessed adventure. Which I love! Ultimately, just like my writing, reading, painting, cooking, etc, I love doing it good or bad it doesn’t matter. What matters is the joy I feel doing it!

Enjoy the blog

Do I Need A French Reason?

As I looked at numerous amounts of blogs I also started to check for French films.  I watched the romantic comedy film “Amelie” staring Audrey Tautou.  It was something very different than Hollywood movies, I really enjoyed it, the reading and all.  I also watched a movie with Jean Reno and Juliet Binoche called “Decalage Horaire” also called “Jet Lag”.  The movie was really good and it seemed like a movie Hollywood remade.  I mean Hollywood does that all the time, they did it with the movie, “Dinner with Schmucks” or how the French call it, “Le Diner de Cons” also called “The Dinner Game”.  I watched the original French movie and it was entertaining and funny.  But I digress.  So from the blogs people would write about books they were reading, had read or wanted to read.  The book that kept appearing in most of the French blogs was, “Lunch in Paris” by Elizabeth Bard.  Since it kept popping up everywhere I decided to purchase it.

I received the book and was glad to find it too had a blog.  I enjoyed the book and wished I was with Elizabeth in Paris.  She also added recipes in the book which I have to admit I bookmarked but haven’t made yet…or have I.  Actually at the moment I don’t remember.  Okay, now I’m forced to find the book and see if I remember making any. Hold on.  Okay I haven’t but I did almost make the recipe for, Oven Roasted Pork Ribs with Honey (pg 27). Yum!  One day I’ll make it!  I also remember she mentioned Zucchini flowers being stuffed with cheese.  The reason I remember this recipe so well is because I had gone to the Farmers market and saw bright yellowish/orange flowers being sold with veggies and herbs.  I just thought the flower looked out-of-place, little did I know the yellow/orange bloom could be stuffed.

French Fix

After finding a few blogs, those blogs lead me to others and others.  Some blogs were good others weren’t.  Some blogs were up to date, others had stopped postings more than a year ago. I became obsessed with looking at French blogs everyday whether from home or work.  I would bookmark them on my home computer and e-mail it to myself at work.  Yes, I was becoming consumed and I loved it!  Some of the first blogs I came across were:

Now, I’ve calmed down a little with the everyday blog thing and that’s because I’ve found other French things to fill the addiction.  But don’t get me wrong at least a few times a week I’m at a French blog just day dreaming away.

French Outlet

My obsession seems to be tamed this week which I’m glad to say.  The last few weeks I’ve felt a little overwhelmed.  I was constantly thinking about French books, wine, paintings, history, etc. I’m glad I’ve found an outlet to let this entire French overload out.

Okay back to my time line.

So I stopped trying to learn French (for now) and came across blogs about life in France.  The majority of blogs were about Paris and its lovely cafes and its jewel- like pastries and its open market selling fish, cheese, fruits and flowers.  It looks like a lovely place to live at least a lovely place to visit and eat, eat, eat.