Reading about Paris

I’m back again!  Even though I haven’t written it doesn’t mean that my French obsession has seized.  I just started to read, Paris My Sweet, by Amy Thomas. She also has a blog called, God, I Love Paris.  What French inspired book are you reading? Or have enjoyed reading?  



The Bathroom of a French Artist

In my bathroom I only have a shadowbox picture and a mirror on the wall, exciting I know.  I never thought of putting up more pictures and making it look like an artist studio…What’s wrong with me?!  This person has the right idea 🙂
I’m off to paint some more 🙂  after work that is.

Picture Courtesy of Campagne Deco

Paint in France

I love to paint even though I seldom do it :(.
I might feel like painting more often if my surrounding encouraged it. So why not paint in a beautiful place like France? Why not paint a village or typical French market or just the hills?

To soak up French Life click here and enjoy taking some painting classes in beautiful France.

Keeping Cool by CAROLINE JAMES