Ordering At A French Restaurant

As I was Surfing the Net at work I came across this article about not sounding dumb or pretentious while ordering at a French Restaurant. If you’re at work with nothing to do or a bunch of work but really bored, click here for the article.


French Inspired Books

Since my fascination with everything French I’ve managed to grow my library with a little French section.  Yes, I’m going through a French stage obsession and I love it.

I’ve read Lunch in Paris and French Women Don’t Get Fat, both with wonderful stories and full of great recipes.  I read, Immovable Feast by John Baxter during the holiday season and it was very enjoyable.  I didn’t want to finish reading it.  John an Aussie marries a French woman and moves to Paris.  He prepares Christmas dinner with ‘Pascual’.  He tries to stuff Pascual in the stove but he doesn’t fit a little bending is needed.  Dinner, drinks, family. A feast!  Who would want to finish such a story?  Thankfully, he wrote another book, We’ll Always Have Paris.  I read the first few lines and it talks about having a ‘turning point’.  I want a turning point too.  I’m waiting patiently for that special something to change my life.  The rest of the book was good too.

I just finished reading Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris.  It’s a fiction book about making changes and finding inspiration.

My next read will be A Year in Provence by Peter Mayes.

What French inspired book have you read?

Walking and Finding L’ECOLE

As I look out the window today, March, it’s snowing.  I wonder if it’s snowing in Paris.  But Paris is Paris rain, sleet or snow.  She’s lovely regardless…so I’ve heard, since I’ve never been.  Growing up the idea of going to Paris seemed like such a luxurious place, so unattainable to me.  But now I think I can make it there and until I do I can have a little Paris here.  During the holiday season my sister and I were doing a little shopping and walking around Soho and then we saw it, the French Culinary Institute.  Since I had to jump on a train home we weren’t able to sit and eat but I gawked at the menu for a long time 🙂  But I will be making reservations at L’ECOLE, the restaurant where aspiring great chefs prepare the food, very soon.

Secrets of French Diets

I was surfing the web and found something that’ll be hitting the U.S. market in about 2 months.  In 2 months the U.S. will have a new diet plan that’s a rave in France.  It’s the ‘Dukan Diet’.  The diet is a weight loss plan that consists of a bunch of chicken eating and lots and lots of bran. People really!

Last year I read, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano and she wrote how she struggled with weight. I guess no Dukan Diet for her.  But let me just say that because of her book I lost 7 pounds that continue to stay off till this day 🙂

Her book mentions the importance of water (which I agree) and the importance of portion control.  She says to sit at the dinner table and really enjoy your food. To eat slow and savor every bite and you will enjoy it more and probably eat less.

While I was looking at blogs I never saw a chubby French lady or man so I definitely believed that Mirelle knew what she was talking about.