Bastille Day in NYC 2011

Yesterday I took part in Bastille Day Festival NYC 2011.  It was so much fun and OMG! So many people.  Will post more pics and info soon 🙂

Also there will be other events going on throughout the week 🙂

Charming Paris Movie

This weekend I went to see the movie, Midnight in Paris, and I know it’s received mixed reviews but I along with The New York Times believe it was  “Marvelously Romantic”.  The movie was like a romantic history lesson that left me wanting more.  Woody Allen is wonderful in his New York City films and it’s nice to see he can do just as good and original in Barcelona, Paris and I’m sure he’ll bring it to Rome, where its said he’s working on his next film.

Watch it you’ll enjoy it too 🙂
I did miss the first 15mins of the movie 😦

Access To Something French

My birthday is in a few weeks and a trip to France sounds like the perfect gift (hint, hint). 😉 I’m sure that even in France, April showers bring May flowers, a perfect Spring indeed. But alas, it’s not to be (unless I find a really cheap deal) so I’ll have to find other French plans.
Having access to NY and NJ makes it easy to find a French Restaurant but why isn’t there a town or street just for the French. There’s a Chinatown, a Little Italy, a K-Town, a Little Brazil and a Little India also certain neighborhoods are known for having certain people. Astoria has a Greek community and Brighton Beach has a Russian community. But where is the Town, Little or City for the French community? Or how about a single store totally dedicated to everything French like the new Italian “Super” market Eataly.
Correct me if I’m wrong but is there such a place anywhere in the NY Metropolitan area for the French?