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Ordering At A French Restaurant

As I was Surfing the Net at work I came across this article about not sounding dumb or pretentious while ordering at a French Restaurant. If you’re at work with nothing to do or a bunch of work but really bored, click here for the article.

Laduree in NYC

During the Bastille Day Festival I was introduced to some delicious raspberry tart pastries from Financier Patisserie  I ordered 4 because they were so gooood 🙂

Now I found out that the well known Parisian  Shop and Cafe, Laduree, will open up a store in NYC located @  864 Madison Avenue.  Their website does not say when the Grand Opening will be 😦 all I know it’s either in July or August. But regardless I will be venturing there for some macarons :).

French and Asian Baking

The other day I went into  a place called Paris Baguette and was very excited to go in and get some yummy pastries and bread. I went in and there wasn’t ever one macaroon 😦
The store has stuff that looks very Asian inspired. On their website it says that they infuse French and Asian baking elements but I really didn’t see what was French about it 😦
Whatever I did eat was good but I could easily find what I ate in Chinatown.