Ordering At A French Restaurant

As I was Surfing the Net at work I came across this article about not sounding dumb or pretentious while ordering at a French Restaurant. If you’re at work with nothing to do or a bunch of work but really bored, click here for the article.


Marie Antoinette’s Fragrance

Perfumer Lubin has recreated Marie Antoinette’s fragrance of preference, according to Vogue. A blend of rose, jasmine and bergamot, the scent was created by Jean-Louis Fargeon, “originally conceived as an ode to her beloved Trianon gardens at Versailles.” The fragrance, called Black Jade, is being sold for $130 at New York’s Aedes de Venustas and online at aedes.com.

I’ll have to find out where this place is so I can get a whiff 😉

Correction, its cost is now $160!

Courtesy: Huffingtonpost.com

Access To Something French

My birthday is in a few weeks and a trip to France sounds like the perfect gift (hint, hint). 😉 I’m sure that even in France, April showers bring May flowers, a perfect Spring indeed. But alas, it’s not to be (unless I find a really cheap deal) so I’ll have to find other French plans.
Having access to NY and NJ makes it easy to find a French Restaurant but why isn’t there a town or street just for the French. There’s a Chinatown, a Little Italy, a K-Town, a Little Brazil and a Little India also certain neighborhoods are known for having certain people. Astoria has a Greek community and Brighton Beach has a Russian community. But where is the Town, Little or City for the French community? Or how about a single store totally dedicated to everything French like the new Italian “Super” market Eataly.
Correct me if I’m wrong but is there such a place anywhere in the NY Metropolitan area for the French?