About Me

As I click away on French inspired blogs I find myself being interested in learning who the authors are.  I noticed that on my own “About” section I don’t have much written.  I didn’t think it really mattered.  Who wants to read about me?  But as I come across more and more blogs I would like to know a little something about the authors, a little morsel.

So my “About” goes something like this… I’m a born and raised New Yorker that knows the complexities of the MTA system (the bus and train system) and the ever-changing corner store that never quite makes it more than a couple of years at its location, except of course the neighborhood, GAP store.  Which I still detest!

Now I live in a faraway place called, New Jersey, but I still commute to NYC for work so I still consider myself a New Yorker (no offense to NJ).

I’m not French, which my sister repeatedly reminds me. But I’ve stumbled upon my own crazed French obsessed adventure. Which I love! Ultimately, just like my writing, reading, painting, cooking, etc, I love doing it good or bad it doesn’t matter. What matters is the joy I feel doing it!

Enjoy the blog


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. merci pour le commentaire 😛

    hey thanks for your comment!!! i would be honored if you paint one of my pictures!!!!!

    thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog, hope you keep enjoying the rest of the posts i have to come



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