A Parisian Shops for Space

On Friday I was watching House Hunters International, it was about 4 hours full of people buying property in France. I watched a few episodes. One couple was buying property in Brittany, the other in the South of France, both were spacious homes with a good amount of land. Then there was one woman buying in Paris. OMG! Her budget was $200,000 which I thought was reasonable but the apartments cubicles she was being shown were just terrible. In one cubical she couldn’t even stand up straight because she would hit her head on the ceiling. But if she really wanted to stand up straight she could lean a little on the sink and stick her head out the window. Also there was no space for a bathroom so I guess the whole floor (or maybe the whole building) shared a common bathroom. The cost of this dorm room was about $150,000! Outrageous! Is this even legal? Isn’t there building codes that need to be followed? I was speechless that the Realtor told her that these were the types of properties her budget would permit. So she upped her budget to $250,000 and looked in another neighborhood or arrondissement. With the increase in her budget she did end up making a purchase. Her apartment had a type of loft bed that she had to climb to get into. The woman should just make sure not to have one too many drinks.

But I guess if you want to live in Paris you have to make some compromises. Then again who’s going to spend so much time at home in such a beautiful city.
I’ll rent a cubicle in Paris and buy a house in Brittany or Provence.


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