Drink and Relax with French

Drink and relax it’s Spring.  Well New York seems to have not received the memo.  Last week it was cold and snowing and the upcoming week doesn’t seem any better. I will be walking around with boots, along coat, scarf, hat and gloves, you know, ready for a blizzard.  A nice relaxing drink does seem good at the moment.  I’ve decided to make making an effort to buy French Wines and Spirits.  I’ve bought a White Burgundy wine called, George Dubceuf, Pouilly-Fuisse, Special Selection 2009.  Is has a wonderful taste without the oaky flavor that usually lingers on the palate after swallowing.  At the moment I’m drinking a French Sparkling wine (Pol Blanc, Blanc de Blancs Brut, White Sparkling Wine) which makes a tasty and crisp combination with orange juice.  Sundays are ment for Mimosa!


4 thoughts on “Drink and Relax with French

  1. Of course I recommend the white Burgundies, since I live there! They’re fantastic. Though there’s nothing wrong with a good mimosa on a sunday morning, either.
    thanks so much for putting Southern Fried French on your blogroll. Happy to find your site. Now about your post on learning French—if you’re looking for a good free program, I really like Laura Lawless at About.com. She has a huge French learning site and blog, and you can subscribe. Might be too hard for beginners, though. Have fun and bonne chance!

  2. The French even make a pretty decent beer called Kronenbourg 1664. I was actually just having some the other night. They bill it as “la première bière française.”

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