French Inspired Books

Since my fascination with everything French I’ve managed to grow my library with a little French section.  Yes, I’m going through a French stage obsession and I love it.

I’ve read Lunch in Paris and French Women Don’t Get Fat, both with wonderful stories and full of great recipes.  I read, Immovable Feast by John Baxter during the holiday season and it was very enjoyable.  I didn’t want to finish reading it.  John an Aussie marries a French woman and moves to Paris.  He prepares Christmas dinner with ‘Pascual’.  He tries to stuff Pascual in the stove but he doesn’t fit a little bending is needed.  Dinner, drinks, family. A feast!  Who would want to finish such a story?  Thankfully, he wrote another book, We’ll Always Have Paris.  I read the first few lines and it talks about having a ‘turning point’.  I want a turning point too.  I’m waiting patiently for that special something to change my life.  The rest of the book was good too.

I just finished reading Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris.  It’s a fiction book about making changes and finding inspiration.

My next read will be A Year in Provence by Peter Mayes.

What French inspired book have you read?


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