Walking and Finding L’ECOLE

As I look out the window today, March, it’s snowing.  I wonder if it’s snowing in Paris.  But Paris is Paris rain, sleet or snow.  She’s lovely regardless…so I’ve heard, since I’ve never been.  Growing up the idea of going to Paris seemed like such a luxurious place, so unattainable to me.  But now I think I can make it there and until I do I can have a little Paris here.  During the holiday season my sister and I were doing a little shopping and walking around Soho and then we saw it, the French Culinary Institute.  Since I had to jump on a train home we weren’t able to sit and eat but I gawked at the menu for a long time 🙂  But I will be making reservations at L’ECOLE, the restaurant where aspiring great chefs prepare the food, very soon.


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