Secrets of French Diets

I was surfing the web and found something that’ll be hitting the U.S. market in about 2 months.  In 2 months the U.S. will have a new diet plan that’s a rave in France.  It’s the ‘Dukan Diet’.  The diet is a weight loss plan that consists of a bunch of chicken eating and lots and lots of bran. People really!

Last year I read, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano and she wrote how she struggled with weight. I guess no Dukan Diet for her.  But let me just say that because of her book I lost 7 pounds that continue to stay off till this day 🙂

Her book mentions the importance of water (which I agree) and the importance of portion control.  She says to sit at the dinner table and really enjoy your food. To eat slow and savor every bite and you will enjoy it more and probably eat less.

While I was looking at blogs I never saw a chubby French lady or man so I definitely believed that Mirelle knew what she was talking about.


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