Learning French

I speak two languages, English and Spanish, so naturally the next language I wanted to learn was not Italian but French.  I told a friend about this and he told me of a website that was great for learning languages and it was also free.  Wonderful!  I went on the site and it started out good but a few lessons in I was …lost.  At first I was learning greetings, my name is, and how are you. But then it jumped into conversations! What ?!  Couldn’t they start with how to pronouns the numbers and letters like elementary school and work their way up to a conversation?  I tried it a few more times but all I can remember is, “Bonjour, J’appelle, and Au Revoir”.  So if  all I have to say is, “How are you, my name is, and Goodbye”, well I’m as good as in.   🙂

I tried other websites but they weren’t as good or you had to pay.  A few months ago I looked at the Rosetta Stone kiosk in the mall and the website but damn, they might be great  but way too expensive for my budget.  So no more Rosetta Stone French Dvd/Cd  for me.  I then decided to give the original website I tried a second go at it.  Now only the first few lessons were free, the first few lessons that I already knew.   😦  Au Revoir for now.


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